Multi-Point Inspection




You don't want any surprises when you're on the road. That's why you should come in today for a Multi-point Vehicle inspection. This will give you a thorough assessment of your vehicle by your Certified Service Experts.

The Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection form uses a simple colour-coded key to assess maintenance terms:

  • Red indicates items that need immediate
  • Yellow indicates items that should be
              addressed in the near future.
  • Green indicates no items to address.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our Certified Service experts are GM factory-trained and experienced at working specifically on GM vehicles, so they know precisely what to look for. Nobody knows your vehicle better.


Remaining Engine Oil Life

An inspection will determine your vehicle's remaining oil life percentage (applicable to vehicles with the GM Oil Life Monitoring System). This may be helpful, especially if you are approaching your next oil change.


Tire Wear

Your tires are what keep you moving safely down the road. The Certified Service experts check to make sure your tires are properly aligned, balanced, and in top shape. This will help ensure the optimum performance and safety of your vehicle.


Wiper Blades and Glass Condition

The operation and condition of front and rear wipers are checked to make sure they will work well when you need them. A visual inspection of your windshield is completed to check for cracks or chips and may help prevent further damage down the road.

Fluid Levels

Fluid levels are checked, including brake reservoir and windshield washer, to be sure they are at optimal levels. 



An inspection is performed on the condition of your brake system, including lines, hoses, and parking brake as well as measurements of front and rear linings.


Battery Condition and Connections

A battery test will determine the health of your battery, and a visual inspection will check to be sure the battery cables and connections are in top working order.


OnStar Subscription

A brief assessment will make sure you are connected with your OnStar® system subscription.


Additional Vehicle Inspections

An additional vehicle inspection of critical systems is performed to check for visible leaks that might indicate a concern. The condition of other vehicle components is also visually inspected.