Holiday Driving Tips

March 19 2018,

Holiday Driving Tips

Severe weather can happen very quickly during the winter months, producing hazardous road conditions and increasing your chance of being in an automobile accident. Tires that are worn or underinflated are a leading cause of holiday accidents.

You will want to make sure your tires are ready for icy and slippery roads. As a safety precaution, you should check to make sure you have the proper tire tread depth.

Once your tires begin to wear, you are in danger while driving on wet, icy, or otherwise slippery roads. Have your tires checked regularly and replace any that become worn to avoid an accident. You will also need to check the air in your tires and make sure they are aligned properly.

You should physically inspect your tires before leaving on a trip to make sure they do not appear to be low of air. Properly inflated tires will ensure you arrive safely at your destination and will also improve your gas mileage. Take your vehicle to a professional body and repair shop if you find any safety issues during the physical inspection of your vehicle.

In addition to making sure your tires are in good shape, there are some other winter driving tips you should follow to make sure you arrive at your destination safely:

Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination

Only travel if you are well rested and stick to the designated speed limit.

Make sure passengers are properly restrained with seat belts and any children fastened in an approved car safety seat.

Never drink and drive.

Be mindful of the actions of other drivers on the road.

Never use a cell phone during a road trip. Driving requires your full attention.

Take some time now to check your tires before you begin your trip and remember other safe driving tips. Safe travels and happy holidays to all!

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